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20Jan, 2020

Restore a specific table from MySQL Dump

  In order to restore a particular table from an entire DB DUMP first we need to extract the content of that particular table from the entire DB dump.   Note: Please be…

05Nov, 2019

ZIMBRA: Enable plain text authentication

  This post explains how to enable plain text authentication in Zimbra mail server, it also explains the necessary changes that needs to be made on the proxy service 1. Enable plain…

01Nov, 2019

Check website performance statistics online

Here are few hosted website performance testing sites available online. 1. GTMetrix Most popular performance analysis tool online, easy to test and provides suggestion to improve the website performance. 2. Pingdom 3. Webpagetest 4. Dareboost 5.…

01Nov, 2019

cPanel: None of the authentication method supported

      We face many issues while trying to configure a cPanel mail account in older versions of Outlook. One of the frequent errors we get is the below “None of the authentication…

01Nov, 2019

Zimbra: Configure Sender Address Verification

  In Zimbra mail initially mail lands in the proxy SMTP port and then is sent to the actual SMTP server and only after that the recipient verification is triggered. Below…

10Oct, 2018

Enabling Brutforce Notifications on Zimbra Mail Server

Like any other mail server’s Zimbra too is prone to SMTP brutforce attacks. Hackers around the world try to login to the SMTP servers with the most commonly used email…

07Oct, 2018

Change WordPress URL through functions.php file

Changing the Wordpress URL can be done by editing the functions.php located in the theme folder, in most of the webservers the location will be as below /home/site/public_html/wp-content/themes/mytheme/functions.php Once you open the…

26Mar, 2018

Installation of System Activity Reporter (SAR) in Linux

  Linux System Activity Reporter (SAR) is often used by system administrators to check the resource utilisation and health report at a particular point of time. In order to install SAR…

23Mar, 2018

Clear Exim Mail Queue

  Spamming is one of the things we often face as administrators in the day to day work, if you are using Exim mail server, below commands will help you to…

20Mar, 2018

Convert Existing MySQL Database to Innodb

  Converting existing MySQL Database Tables from MyISAM to InnoDB can be done from PHPMyAdmin but if there are too many tables the following script may help you to convert all…

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