What is WordPress Hosting ?

WordPress is the most popular website Content Management System (CMS) used for designing websites and blogs, it is so popular that almost 70% of CMS based websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. First introduced in the year 2003, wordpress now powers more than 1 Billion websites.


Our packages are fully optimized for WordPress, pre-built with Litespeed, lSCache and Redis Object caching your wordpress site will perform like never before.


IAMEM Hosting offers the best WordPress Hosting Services, we have a lot of tools to deploy your applications and to make your vision a reality. What if you run into trouble? Don’t worry our world class technicians are available 24/7 to resolve all your issues.

Get The Best WordPress Hosting Solutions with IAMEM

We understand that modern websites require the greatest WordPress hosting, as well as a secure, optimized, and dependable environment.

Installing WordPress with IAMEM WordPress hosting plans is as simple as clicking a button. As soon as the installation is complete, you can begin modifying your website and adding content. It comes with pre-installed cache plugins and security improvements, so you can go online quicker than you thought!

We have a lot of tools to deploy your applications and to make your vision a reality.

What if you run into trouble? Don’t worry our world class technicians are available 24/7 to resolve all your issues.

WordPress Website Hosting

Latest WordPress Version

Litespeed Web Server

Wordpress Security

Brutforce Protection

Redis Caching

Latest PHP Versions

MariaDB Server

Full SSD NVME Storage

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Comparison Table Includes
WPH-A1 ₹11999/ 3Yr ₹4999/ Yr

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WPH-A2 ₹23999/ 3Yr ₹9999/ Yr

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WPH-A3 ₹35999/ 3Yr ₹14999 Yr

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WPH-A4 ₹47999/ 3Yr ₹19999/ Yr

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Free SSL Certificate
NVME Storage
Storage Space10GB25GB50GB100GB
Control Panel
WP Toolkit
Daily Backups
1 Click Restore
Daily Malware Scans
Free Migration
WAF Security
CloudFlareOn RequestOn RequestOn RequestOn Request

Our Exclusive Features

WordPress-Friendly Design
We contribute to the WordPress source code on a regular basis, so you can rest certain that we are well-versed in every area of this world-class CMS. With our complete set of tools, you’ll be able to manage your website with no effort.

Increased Security
We are concerned about security. All our best WordPress hosting servers come with a free additional security layer. That means your website will be monitored around the clock, seven days a week, and will be protected against the great majority of vulnerabilities, malware, and other threats.

Enterprise Servers with LiteSpeed
We utilize LiteSpeed, the industry’s fastest web server. The LiteSpeed Web Server has a number of sophisticated features, including excellent scalability and WordPress site speed.

WordPress Booster
Every installation includes the LSCWP cache plugin, which ensures that your website will perform 4X faster when used with our LiteSpeed Enterprise servers.

WordPress may be installed with only one click.
It’s as simple as clicking a button to install WordPress on your hosting account. We make extra optimizations in addition to the required WordPress installation to ensure that your website loads swiftly.

Solid State Drives (SSDs) Store Data
Because we can’t afford to lose speed or performance, we ALWAYS use SSDs to store the files and data for your websites. As a result, page load times are lightning-fast, and visitors are pleased. Ours as well as yours.

Staging Instrument
Why make changes to your live website when you can make them in a replica environment and have them go live with the touch of a button? Newbie and seasoned developers alike will benefit from our staging tool.

What is WordPress, exactly?

WordPress is a cutting-edge open-source content management system. Without question, it is the most widely used website-building programme on the planet right now. It’s easy to use, efficient, well-built, and versatile, with millions of plugins, themes, and tutorials available online. From job boards to blogs, digital portfolios to ecommerce shops, WordPress can (and is) used to manage a wide range of websites.

What is WordPress’s main goal?
WordPress now runs more than a third of all websites on the internet, far more than any other tool or platform. That only goes to demonstrate how adaptable, multi-functional, and useful it is. WordPress will come up in every talk concerning website building, whether you’re a web developer or a small company owner. WordPress may help you create a digital portfolio or a job board for your firm and start selling your products online or establish a blog on your website.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting, and how does it work?
A managed WordPress hosting solution relieves you of a variety of responsibilities, including website/server optimization, technical modifications, and update management. While IAMEM hosting offers the fastest WordPress hosting to manage your to-do list for your website, you’ll have more time to concentrate on what matters most: adding and modifying content and generating visitors.

Furthermore, this sort of hosting includes servers that have been customized to handle WordPress. We optimize everything and implement security measures, as well as a speedy setup, so your website is up and running in minutes. Overall, managing the fastest WordPress hosting will be ideal for you if you aren’t an expert or don’t have a lot of spare time.

What is the distinction between WordPress hosting and web hosting?
The key difference between a conventional web hosting plan and a WordPress hosting plan is that the latter is particularly built to serve WordPress sites.

This implies that the servers are configured to handle any number of WordPress sites with ease. To get the same results with a conventional web hosting account, a variety of machine-level changes, plugin installs, and RAM optimizations would be required.

A WordPress-optimized IAMEM hosting service features pre-configured security safeguards in addition to speed and functionality. You won’t need to set up firewall rules or conduct virus checks as you would with a conventional web hosting account. You might concentrate on producing high-quality content and publicizing your website.

With an IAMEM hosting WordPress Hosting package, you’ll also get dedicated, round-the-clock support from highly-trained specialists. They have a thorough understanding of your hosting account and can rapidly fix even the most complex difficulties. In comparison, you could still get help with a basic site hosting service, but the specialists won’t have the same degree of WordPress experience!

What is the best way to create a WordPress website?
The nicest thing about creating a WordPress website is that it can be done by anybody! Here’s how to do it:

IAMEM- Your Best Companion For The Fastest WordPress Hosting
Still in doubt whether to go for WordPress hosting or not? Get in touch with us at IAMEM hosting, and we will help you out in the best manner. Our services are provided by a well-trained team who will help you outshine the industry. We do not boast about us, but the work we do does it for our brand. When it comes to the fastest services, we can be your best companion. We are just a call away.Call us now!

More About Our Hosting

Websites run best on the best servers, all our servers are high end servers with branded hardware and industries latest processors.

cPanel is the industries leading control panel built for making hosting websites and managing web hosting a piece of cake. All our shared hosting packages comes with cPanel for the end users.

Even on a shared server all the resources are allocated dedicated for each user individually, no one user can abuse the resources on the server, so you don't have to worry about any bad neighbors. We accomplish this via a commercial CloudLinux Operating System specially built for web hosting.

It is very easy to setup your web hosting package, just select your package, make the payment and the system will automatically provision the account and sends you all the required information to you email.

We secure your Data through daily Backups, Commercial Imunify360 Malware Scanner, DDOS Protection. A dedicated team will be always monitoring our servers to prevent any kind of downtime.

We have the best technical support staff to co-ordinate with your and resolve all your issues available 24/7 any day of the year. Our Support Channels: Phone: +91-40-48213085 Email (Support/Billing): [email protected]

No confusion in Pricing, Simple, Affordable and Straight Forward. No hidden costs or bad surprises, we are IAMEM.