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01Nov, 2019

Check website performance statistics online

Here are few hosted website performance testing sites available online. 1. GTMetrix Most popular performance analysis tool online, easy to test and provides suggestion to improve the website performance. 2. Pingdom 3. Webpagetest 4. Dareboost 5.…

07Oct, 2018

Change WordPress URL through functions.php file

Changing the Wordpress URL can be done by editing the functions.php located in the theme folder, in most of the webservers the location will be as below /home/site/public_html/wp-content/themes/mytheme/functions.php Once you open the…

12Jan, 2018

Windows Applications that are also available for Linux OS

  Ever wondered whether your favourite windows applications are available for Linux OS ? We bring you 7 most popular windows applications that are available for Linux as well   1. Skype is…

21Oct, 2016

Routes on CentOS 7 Servers

  What is routing: Routing informs the kernel how to transfer a packet from one IP to another IP. Lets say you have the the following routers (gateways) and the second level of…

07Apr, 2016

GApps:Setting Up CatchAll/Default Email Address

  In order to setup a Catchall or a Default Email Address for you Google Apps Domain 1. Login to your Google Apps account and Navigate to User settings as below   Google Apps…

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