Ever wondered whether your favourite windows applications are available for Linux OS ? We bring you 7 most popular windows applications that are available for Linux as well


1. Skype is one of the popular IM app that every windows user uses, this application is also available for Linux OS as well.

You can download skype for Linux from


2. Trillian is one other popular IM that many of the users use for communication, services like Google, Facebook and Jabber can also be integrated with Trillian. Trillian is also available for Linux

You can download trillian for Linux from


3. Teamviewer probably does not need any introduction, many users use it for remote connectivity and online meetings. Teamviewer is also available for Linux

You can download Teamviewer for Linux from


4. After Teamviewer, Anydesk is another remote connectivity application that is getting a lot of recommendations these days probably because of one of the reason being its availability on Linux

You can download Anydesk for Linux from


5. VLC media player on windows is the most loved application for many users, even this application is available for Linux users

You can download VLC Media player for Linux from


6.Are you a techie or a IT administrator ? good news, you favoirite hypervisor VMWare is also available for Linux OS

You can download VMWare Hypervisor for Linux from


7.Oracle Virtualbox another major desktop hypervisor is also available for Linux users

You can download Oracle Virtualbox Hypervisor for Linux from