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10Aug, 2016

Change Linux Servers HOSTNAME

  RHEL7/CentOS7 Servers: Temporary Change (will not sustain a reboot) Servers hostname can be changed temporarily by running the following command hostname new.hostname.here Permanent Change (Will sustain even after a reboot) Change the hostname of…

10Aug, 2016

Bi-Directional File Sync Using UNISON

  UNISON File Synchronizer can be used to perform bi-directional sync between two directories (local or remote) Installation: CentOS: UNISON file synchronizer can be install through yum by the below command yum install unison -y Note:

09Aug, 2016

CentOS Key Based SSH Login

SSH Key based authentication is very useful for transferring data and for some data sync applications to work, to configure the key based login on a CentOS Server 1. Generate SSH…

26Jul, 2016

Install PEAR/PHP Mail function

  PHP Mail function should be installed on your server if you want to send emails from your code, to install 1. Install Pear package (if it is not already installed) by…

22Jul, 2016

Clear cached memory in Linux

  Some times, you may notice that there is a lot of memory locked in CACHE     To remove the cached memory, login to the server as “root” and execute the below command /bin/sync…

30Apr, 2016

Installing Zimbra 8.6 on CentOS 7

1. Setup hostname 2. Add entry in hosts file 3. Install dependencies yum install nmap-ncat perl perl-core sysstat 4. Download Zimbra installation file for CentOS 7 wget https://files.zimbra.com/downloads/8.6.0_GA/zcs-8.6.0_GA_1153.RHEL7_64.20141215151110.tgz 5. Uncompress the file tar -xvf https://files.zimbra.com/downloads/8.6.0_GA/zcs-8.6.0_GA_1153.RHEL7_64.20141215151110.tgz 6. Enter the…

22Apr, 2016

Log all SFTP transactions in one log file

  1. Add the below line in /etc/ssh/sshd_config Subsystem sftp /usr/libexec/openssh/sftp-server -l VERBOSE -f LOCAL3   2. Add the below line in /etc/rsyslog.conf local3.* /var/log/sftp.log   3. Restart SSH Service service sshd restart   4. Restart rsyslog service service rsyslog restart   5.…

07Apr, 2016

Exim:Important Exim Mail Server commands

1. To check the number of emails present in the queue: exim -bpc 2. To check the emails present in the queue with the mail id and sender ID: exim -bp exim -bp |…

15Mar, 2016

Web Hosting Control Panels

What is a Hosting Control Panel ? A hosting control panel is a web-based interface that is provided to the end user which interacts with all the necessary hosting services on…

08Mar, 2016

Zimbra: Assign a dedicated Outgoing SMTP IP for a domain

Zimbra Outgoing SMTP IP per Domain   1. Add the following line in “/opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/main.cf”   sender_dependent_default_transport_maps = regexp:/opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/sdd_transport_maps.regexp   2. Create the file “/opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/sdd_transport_maps.regexp” and add the domains as below   /@example\.com$/ …

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