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10Mar, 2016

CMS: Get complete list of all installed CMS’s on Server

  The following scripts may be very handy to get all the list of CMS’s on various servers. Wordpress: cPanel: find /home/*/public_html/ -type f -iwholename “*/wp-includes/version.php” -exec grep -H “\$wp_version =” {} \;   Plesk: find /var/www/vhosts/*/httpdocs…

08Mar, 2016

Zimbra: Assign a dedicated Outgoing SMTP IP for a domain

Zimbra Outgoing SMTP IP per Domain   1. Add the following line in “/opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/main.cf”   sender_dependent_default_transport_maps = regexp:/opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/sdd_transport_maps.regexp   2. Create the file “/opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/sdd_transport_maps.regexp” and add the domains as below   /@example\.com$/ …

07Mar, 2016

BASH: Script to alert when Exim mail queue is HIGH

  The following script sends an alert whenever the exim mail queue is greater than a certain threshold   #!/bin/bash if [ `/usr/sbin/exim -bpc` -ge 300 ]; then mail -s “Alert: There are over 300…

02Mar, 2016

WordPress: Change URL in Media and Posts

  After changing the wordpress to the new website, it is observed that the URL of media files and Internal post links still shows the OLD url. To change it, login to…

01Mar, 2016

Script to Test Email Mail Delivery using SMTP Authentication

  The below script may be useful to test the mail delivery using email authentication with and without SSL Note: The script uses pear Mail function, so make sure that PEAR Mail

28Feb, 2016

Change SSH Port on CentOS 7

  Let’s change the SSH port from default 22 to 2222 in CentOS 7. 1. Edit the following file   vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config   2. Un-coment and Modify the following line   Port 2222   3. Now by default Selinux is…

26Feb, 2016

Linux: Hide OS Version from Nmap scans

  If you want to disable detection of OS version during Nmap scans 1. Edit the sysctl.conf file   vi /etc/sysctl.conf   2. Add the following entry at the end of the file   net.ipv4.ip_default_ttl = 199   save and…

25Feb, 2016

Online System/Network Admin Tools

  1. MXTOOLBOX: One of the most popular website to check MX Records, Blacklist Status, SPF, DKIM, DNS, OPEN Ports etc … website: http://www.mxtoolbox.com 2. WHATISMYDNS: Want to check the global propogation status of your…

24Feb, 2016

WordPress does not take max_memory limit from PHP.ini

  New Versions of wordpress does no take the max_memory_limit from PHP.ini. This is because the wordpress default memory limit is already defined in the following file.   WORDPRESS_ROOT/wp-includes/default-constants.php   If you want to modify, edit…

14Feb, 2016

Disable SELINUX on Redhat/CentOS Linux

  1. Edit the following file   vi /etc/sysconfig/selinux   2. Modify the following from   SELINUX=permissive TO SELINUX=disabled   3. Reboot the server using   reboot  …

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